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  • Providing SUPPLEMENTARY INCOME and HEALTH INSURANCE to OLDER PEOPLE and PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES who have nothing. The income is set above the extreme poverty level ensuring that they are immediately lifted out of extreme poverty;
  • Working to ensure High School Graduation for all children (education is the main long-term solution for poverty). The core program asks students to provide supportive services to frail, isolated elders in return for assistance in completing high school
  • Providing intergenerational support and social inclusion for frail and isolated elders. Students receiving support in the High School Program help elders one day or two half days a week;
  • Stabilizing Families under stress - typically single parent households which have been abandoned by husbands/fathers. Older adult volunteers become grandparents to the families, providing a variety of services for mother and children as a base for family stability and children’s education and development
Lalibela Social Fund Project (with subtitles)

When the Lalibela Project began there was no infrastructure in place and SUPPLEMENTARY INCOME was delivered on foot and in cash. Now the recipients all have bank accounts, and the income is deposited directly. They are able to save money and that helped many to get through the COVID-19 lockdown and the occupation of the city during the civil conflict

Message from Kevin and Patricia “Patty” Brabazon who co-founded the Lalibela Fund: “We funded the Lalibela Project through the COVID-19 lockdown, the occupation of the city during the civil conflict, and one year with no electricity. Join us and together we can bring love, hope, and change to many people who desperately need them. And, “Yes”, we can make these programs sustainable. For change to be truly meaningful, it must be permanent.”

The Lalibela Fund uses an intergenerational approach to social work and social development based on the three-generational family as advocated by GENERATIONS UNITED (